How work with ZAS shop?

How to select a specific range

Product mix and you can view the criteria on the left site. Goods are ordered in the tree menu, and when widening of the catalog will offer your desired products. Another way to find the desired range exactly as it is ideas, the way the so-called full-text search (by entering key words), which is situated above the tree menu.

how to insert a selected range to Cart

If you already have selected, and you're determined to buy a selected range, then just mark the box in preview at the end of the line for the product and click on Add to Cart. For the current preview of items basket value and any changes in products (size, number of pieces, etc.). just go to the basket in the box left of the menu that Transports you to your shopping cart. For more shopping, or just sent back to the next page through the catalog.

How to order selected range

If you already selected range in the basket and agree to everything you've chosen (number of items, size), so you have nothing does not have to order it. If you are a registered customer, so just log into the system, But if you are registered customers (eg you are in this online store for the first time), nothing happens and register for example HERE . After logging in, when you are in his basket menu, go to the box and press Create ORDER (You do not have to worry about the order will still be sent). There appears you have ordered goods and the total price. Followed by recovery of the collection: 1st personally, in any of the shops listed. 2nd sending to the delivery company PPL, shipping is by taking Now you have to send the order. Click the Create button again to order, and that the order is automatically sent. (The order is sent to that certificate and until it can information in order to change or cancel)

We wish you a pleasant time at the DEMO version of Internet commerce ZASshop

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